Maybe its not all ‘afuch?

Its not all ‘afuch!

Just a few days ago, I received an email indicating that Nefesh B’Nefesh is sponsoring a contest, the winner of which will be on board the charter flight to Israel on September 7th. This winning blogger will also be attending NBN’s 2nd International Jewish Blogger’s conference.

When I received the email, indicating that people should be nominated for the contest, only one person came to my mind. This person is Dr. Rivkah Lambert Adler, secretly known as the Aliyah angel.

Rivkah’s love of Israel is contagious, her love of all Jews regardless of what color kippah they wear (or don’t) or how long their sleeves are, etc., is inspiring and her “joie de vivre” is what makes Rivkah a person you just can’t forget.

Rivkah, and her husband Rabbi Elan Adler, are the primary reason, along with Nefesh b’Nefesh, that we were able to make aliyah. Because of life circumstances beyond their control, the Adlers cannot make aliyah yet, even though it is the one thing that occupies most of their life and consumes most of their energy.

Instead of allowing the disappointment of her delayed aliyah plans to rule her life, Rivkah has channeled that energy into a drive that she uses to help others fulfill their dream of aliyah, and as I said before, my family has been on the receiving end of this beautiful gift that Rivkah has given to the Jewish world.

How hafuch it is that the two people who most want to live in Israel cannot? And yet, how very right it is that they have turned their hope deferred into a blessing for the rest of us.

I look forward to welcoming Rivkah’s daughter on the September 7th aliyah flight, and I hope that she will be on it too. But most of all, I look forward to the day I meet the NBN flight that finally brings Elan and Rivkah to the one place on earth they most want to be – home!


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