Well, it says to “dwell” in it!

Every year I ponder it over and over again –

We are told to “dwell” in the sukkah – L’shev b’sukkah.  It literally means to reside or “live” in it.  We all take that to mean that we should eat all our meals in the sukkah, and many of us sleep in the sukkah.

But each year the question arises – should we also play in the

comp in sukkah 09

sukkah?  Would a game of spades or mah jongg destroy the holiness of the sukkah?  Or, is playing a part of living?

This year the question moved into the 21st century – what about playing on the laptop computer?

Some would say that this is desecrating the holy nature of the sukkah, and others, like my sons and son-in-law, would say, “but it says to live in it!”

And after all, what is living if it doesn’t involve the computer?


2 thoughts on “Well, it says to “dwell” in it!

  1. One of those posts that is cute and simultaneously thought-provoking. I remember my consternation, years ago, when a new murder mystery came out just before Sukkot, written by a rabbi. My excitement turned to dismay when I realized that, due to the foul language and explicit references, I could not comfortably read the rabbi’s novel in the sukkah. How ironic that I could bring myself to read a G.K. Chesterton “Father Brown” mystery there: exciting, interesting, and clean. You are right, though. It’s all arguable, isn’t it? When we reach a level of perfection wherein our day-to-day living is pure of shtuss, this question won’t even come up.

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