Israel an Apartheid state? Truer than you know…

Israel has been and continues to be called an apartheid state by its detractors.  Zionists and supporters of Israel of all shapes and sizes and religions shout, “foul!”  Apartheid is a term that was coined in South Africa and originally referred to racial segregation and discrimination policies that existed in South Africa from 1948 to 1993. Literally translated from Afrikaans, it means, “the status of being apart” (thank you, Wikipedia).  In South Africa, the majority population, which also happened to have been the native population were subjected to laws which impinged on their rights and freedoms while giving the minority population rule.   It in
cluded segregated residential areas, sometimes enforced by forced removal, eventually the majority population were given no political representation and their citizenship was removed.  Members of the majority population who protested the injustice were imprisoned.

The use of the term Apartheid to apply to the situation in Israel is a heinous crime against the people of South Africa and the injustices they endured. But the truth is that the term more closely fits the unjust political situation that exists in Israel than many realize.  The only problem is that most of the people who use the term have got it backwards.

First of all, the majority population in Israel consists of the Jews.  Additionally, it must be understood that the native population is also Jewish.  The only people group to live in the area known as Israel before the Jews were the Caananites, who no longer exist (no, there are no Arabs who are even remotely related to the ancient Caananites) and, despite being thrown out by many occupying powers over the past 2,000 years, there has always been a Jewish population within the land – we never abandoned our homeland.

Arabs who lived in Israel before it became Israel never identified themselves as “Palestinian” even though the Romans re-named it Palestine 2000 years ago.  They always identified themselves as Egyptian, Arabian, Turkish or Heshemite, etc.  And on top of that, a very large percentage of Arabs who now identify themselves as Palestinian have moved here since 1948 – they cannot in any way be considered indigenous.  And yet, these “Palestinians” who are not the native people of the land and are not the majority enjoy more freedoms and rights than the majority, Jewish population.

Arabs are free to enter any city or store within all of Israel.  Israelis on the other hand, are forbidden from entering certain places within the country.  These areas are labeled, “Area A” and have signs posted at their entrances forbidding Israeli citizens from entering the city.  Can you imagine the international uproar if Israel were to place similar signs forbidding Palestinian citizens from entering cities or towns in Israel?

What happens if an Arab accidentally finds himself in a Jewish town?  Nothing.  What happens if a Jew accidentally finds himself in an Arab town?  Most of the time, he is killed, cut into pieces and paraded through the streets.

What happens if an Arab living in Israel or Area A decides to burn an Israeli flag in protest?  Nothing.  What happens if an Israeli decides to burn a Palestinian flag in protest?  At the very least it is removed from him, and often, as happened today to MKs Eldad and Ben Ari, they are forcibly and violently removed from the area and their freedom of expression is rescinded.

Israelis pay a huge amount of taxes in order to fund the military, universal health care, and oh yeah – free electricity to Gazans who not only pay no taxes or electric bills, but enjoy the freedom to burn Israeli flags, get treated at Israeli hospitals and shop in Israeli stores.

Yes, friend, there is terrible discrimination in Israel, but it’s against the Jews and not the Arabs.  Somebody has gotten things terribly upside down.


12 thoughts on “Israel an Apartheid state? Truer than you know…

  1. Oppression only operates against those with less power. Look at the unemployment rate in Gaza. Look at the poverty. Israel clearly holds much more power than Gaza or the West Bank. Both sides have done terrible things. One of those things on the Israeli side is the refusal to do is acknowledge that it is oppressing Palestinians in any way. As a Jew, I love Israel. But as a Jew, my tradition has also taught me to love justice and hate oppression. I want to see a middle east where Jews and Arabs live together in peace. I do not believe this post is working in that direction.
    (Also, that bit about Palestinians cutting up Jews into little pieces is just false.)

    • Your comment shows that you are well versed in the story that has been carefully fed to the world in order to shape opinion and not on the facts. Do you live in Israel? Have you seen the situation first-hand? I do. Yes, Israel is the “government” in Israel, we were given back a small part of our historic homeland in 1948, by the world. However, when you refer to the one’s with power you must remember that Israel is a tiny state smaller than New Jersey with a population of 6 million Jews. She is surrounded by Arab states that together represent a land mass larger that the Unites States and boast a population of approximately 300 million (I may be UNDERESTIMATING). Jordan was created to be a “Palestinian” state originally and the Jews were forced to accept less land or risk annihilation. The wealth represented by Israel’s neighbors is astounding. When Israel left Gaza, we left an infrastructure for agriculture and the new occupiers refused to make use of it and destroyed the farms and greenhouses. Unemployment? That’s a farce. Somebody has to be working in all those fancy hotels on the beach and the big malls and the open-air markets. Those that are unemployed chose to be so. Either that or they are unemployed because we give them so much money they don’t have to work. They certainly are SPENDING the money! You have been fooled into believing a well constructed story that has no basis in truth.

    • As a Jew, I love justice & hate oppression. It is Arabs who raise their children to hate Jews. I would love to live in a country where the entire south is not in fear of rocket attack. But I live in Israel. Golda Meir said, “Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.”

    • “oppression only operates to those with less power”

      You are correct in a strict sense. Israel is mercilessly oppressed by the international community, The UN, the entire surrounding Muslim Arab population including the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza. If you think about it, it is a few billion people against a country of barely 8 million, and specifically against 6 million who are Jewish (20% of Israeli citizens are Arab, most of whom are Muslim). You know what’s never mentioned? The millions of dollars of humanitarian aid that Israel gives to the Palestinians; the way Palestinians indoctrinate their children from birth to hate Jews, Israel and the West; the way Palestinians who DO want peace are themselves victims of Terrorist regimes in the West Bank and Gaza; and the way these regimes spread hate and fear, and intimidate their political foes with inhuman violence.

      It has been proven time and again how Hamas is a direct arm of the Radical Islamist regime in Iran.Furthermore, the ongoing internal, Muslim on Muslim violence seen in Egypt, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Morocco, Sudan, Iraq, Tunisia, Pakistan and Afghanistan is not given any special attention by the world. Millions have died in these countries because of this violence. Yet when Israel needs to defend itself against terror attacks the world suddenly pays attention. You, being yourself Jewish, should be very worried about these implications.

      Also, you must understand that Israel never started any wars, never entered first into a conflict and never used violence other than to defend itself against real, imminent existential threats. Indeed, the international opinion is so negative that it often forgoes any retaliatory action in order to placate the international community. As Penina pointed out, this is a terrible perversion of justice and is certainly an unsustainable platform on which to attain “peace”.

      In my personal opinion, it would be much more feasible if the Israelis would retake military control of the West Bank and Gaza Strip so that the Palestinians living there can finally be under some sort of democratic normalcy. Just to note, I really do feel for those in Gaza who are trapped by Hamas’ murderous regime, just as the Israeli Government does. What other country in the world calls it’s adversaries on the phone to warn them that they should evacuate for their own safety? what other country drops leaflets asking the civilian population to evacuate, to distance themselves from militants so that there shouldn’t be civilian deaths? Not even the US lives up to these Ideals and nor does any other country. Only Israel.

  2. Ev, did you hear the story about how two reserve soldiers accidentally wandered into Ramallah early 2000’s and were subsequently tortured, murdered, and had their dead bodies dragged through the streets?
    It happens. Don’t tell me it doesn’t.

    • Yoshi, you’re so right!!! I lived in Israel during this time when the two young jeiwcn soldiers became massacred in the Üalestinian Police Station in Ramallah!
      It was such a horrible sitiation to see the small videos and pictures how the Palestinian mob was hangig the murdered jewish men out of the window of the Palestinian police station and threw them on the road and all Palestinian men was clapping applause and shoted in the air with joy!!!

  3. Dear Ev: You need to get alternate sources of information and news if you want balanced coverage about Israel, the nation that all the world loves to hate. As for Jews being cut into pieces, apparently you do not know the fate of two Israeli soldiers who wandered by mistake into Ramallah (there are connecting roads, after all, for the convenience of Arab residents). They were beaten, tortured, murdered, and their bodies were desecrated and the bloody hands of the murderers were raised outside the windows to shouts and cheers by a savage crowd below. Do not talk about power and who is outnumbered. You voluntarily choose to accept lies and fantasy over the facts of Israel and the life we have here. I assume that you do so because you are grossly uninformed. But it is your choice to fix that problem. Do not apologize for Israel on my behalf, please. It is Jews who suffer here, while Arabs have money to build, to buy, to encroach further on Jewish land. Most of them came here as refugees from the Saudi war against Hijaz in 1925. Google it, please.

  4. bs”d
    Dear Penina,
    The R’ Shel Olam should only strengthen your hands and give you chizuk in the work you do. I am proud to know I’ve a sister so smart,erudite and strong!! Never give up!!

    Dovid Shatz
    Cherry Hill, N.J.

  5. As an Israeli tour guide, I am often asked about the “situation” and how it affects me. I simply smile and say, “Before we had “peace”, I could go anywhere. Now that we have “peace”, I am the one who is restricted.

    Thanks, Penina, for stating the problem so well and so clearly.

  6. Abbas, last year stated that, no Jews will be allowed to live in a Palestinian state – Ethnic cleansing.
    Christians are being driven out of Bethlehem- ethnic cleansing
    Over 900,000 Jews were forcibly expelled from Arab states on the formation of Israel- ethnic cleansing
    14 members of the Knesset are Arabs.
    Arabs are free to shop, dine, bathe, use medical facilities, attend the same schools and have access to the same judiciary as Israelis. This apartheid crap is a lie and the Jew hating world is happy to lap it up.

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